Silver lining

28 07 2008

This story on NPR today brought tears to my eyes. It is about an Iraqi man, Bahjat, who worked with U.S. forces in Iraq, subsequently received death threats for his collaboration, was granted asylum in the U.S., and then struggled to find a job and support himself and his family. His story was shared on NPR in February, and a business owner in Montana who heard it (and happened to be looking to fill a position in Bahjat’s field) got in touch and offered him a job.

I can’t even imagine beginning to count the myriad ways in which the US has royally screwed up our involvement in Iraq, but our ineffectuality in supporting Iraqis who have worked with US forces is a big one. This story though, of one person (and, subsequently, the whole community) with resources helping out another really touched me. What I found particularly heartening was that this situation wasn’t about charity, but about recognizing complementary needs and resources, and bringing them together in a way that respected everyone’s dignity and was full of compassion.




One response

1 10 2008
Tracy Rosen

I love that you focused on this story. We need to find more instances of kindness, goodness, compassion, and hope because as we find them and talk about them more will happen.

It is out there. We find it and fan it, and in doing so we create more of it.


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