Because the suggestion of sexual assault is never funny

29 07 2008

I don’t even know where to begin. This story about an effigy of Isabel Garcia (a pinata with a picture of her face) being mocked, ridiculed, assaulted, and threatened on camera and on the air, by a white, male, radio personality is incredibly awful. That link is to one of my favorite bloggers, BrownFemipower, who has links to more information. It’s almost too awful for words, and I’m both incredibly angry and incredibly sad. The video is disgusting, I almost couldn’t make it through the whole thing. As BFP said:

I want people to see this for what it is–a white man feeling like he can control, humiliate, and imply sexual violence against a brown woman–all while be recorded for public broadcast. It’s about a white man controlling a woman who pissed him off, by mocking her race, by implying sexual control over her through the use of racist imagery and language.

She is being attacked, mocked, ridiculed, and sexually humiliated because she is brown and she is a woman.

Ms. Garcia is an inspiring, talented, motivated, effective activist, and her work should be supported by feminists, anti-racists, and supporters of immigrants. But this treatment, as BFP points out, isn’t about her activism. She received attention because of her activism, but the degradation, racism, sexism, and abuse she is being subjected to isn’t about the work she does, it is about power and control in the hands of white men.




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