on ‘woman’

23 07 2009

Because, woman is a mythology embedded in the collective consciousness of our respective cultures, and anyone who has ever identified, or been identified as a woman has had to face this mythos. It is those individuals who have had the story of ‘womanhood’ written on their bodies, consensually or not, that Art XX is providing a space for.

We believe that feminism is innately transgendered, as it works to discomfit and expand the historical categories of ‘male and ‘female.’ Feminism is or should be- about gender equality, regardless of what that gender is. But until gender equality exists, ‘woman’ demarcates a condition from which we struggle, thrive, and create.

– Francesca Austin Ochoa, editor of ART XX Magazine

Emphasis mine. Source.




One response

6 10 2009

oh my goodness, yes. this sums up in a nutshell how i feel about being an alum of a women’s college.

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