16 07 2009

I downloaded the wordpress app for my iPhone. And while I can’t imagine writing an entire post like this, it does seem like a pretty good way to share with you the pictures I took today of butterlfies and larger animals at the Franklin Park Zoo.

I’m not sure yet exactly how the photos will show up, or how best to describe and tag them so they can be easily read by a screen reader, so I’ll just describe them here. There are three of butterflies, 2 of which are sitting on my hand. One butterfly is light yellow, one is a deep orange, and the third is a vibrant blue. There is also a photo of an adult giraffe eating in its enclosure, with a juvenile standing, looking very gangly, just behind it. I also snapped a shot of a Pygmy hippopotamus drinking water. Lastly is a photo of a snail on a beach. In Ptown. Last summer. Just for good measure.